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Do you notice dust, hot spots and cold spots, uncomfortable rooms? Call us today at (615) 322-1222 for a free Duct System evaluation in Nashville, TN.

Many times we get calls and consumers report to us that they have rooms that are not comfortable.  Most of the time this scenario requires modification of the duct system in Nashville TN to provide a fix.

Many times, high power bills can be significantly reduced without changing equipment but with duct repairs that minimize or eliminate leaks.  If the RETURN air flow path (the path behind the filters that you change)  leaks, those leaks are robbing your system of comfort, capacity and significantly adding to un-necessary energy costs…month after month, year after year.

So if you desire to have your duct problems fixed, your comfort expectations met and your energy bills reduced, call us.  Our evaluations begin with a detailed, a room-by-room load calculation to determine proper air flows for each room, then air flow measurements, and then an evaluation of the existing duct system to determine how proper air flows should be designed to accommodate your home’s requirements.  Expect our evaluation to take approximately 2 hours.

Duct System Performance

If you are considering an air conditioning replacement, you may be confronted with some ‘HVAC’ terminology pertaining to duct systems which could be unfamiliar to you.  Duct systems contain ducts that provide a path to supply air and another path to return air.  Duct systems contain a primary (main) trunk, possibly secondary trunks and “run-outs” that connect to the vents that supply the air to the conditioned spaces.  A duct system also includes a path for the air to return to the air handling device to be re-conditioned.  Other components of a duct system include filters and filter grills, diffusers (more commonly known as supply vents and can be located on the floor, walls, or ceilings).  Duct systems are designed to provide CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) air flows and at a targeted velocity (speed of air flow).  Size (proper sizing of each duct) has a significant impact on air flows.

All duct system components have a specific purpose.  And if your duct system in Nashville TN is not properly designed, the poor design could be costing you additional $$$ on your energy bill or robbing you of comfort that your equipment is designed to provide for you. The most basic concept to remember is that your heating and air conditioning SYSTEM includes the installed equipment AND the ducts that are connected to it. Your duct system could be reducing the capacity of your installed equipment by 40% or more.  The best duct systems are those located inside the conditioned spaces (not in the attic or underneath the floors).  If ducts located in the conditioned spaces should have air leaks, leakage is not that critical since the leaks are occurring in air spaces that are already conditioned.  But…most homes do not have duct systems located inside the conditioned spaces.

Part of the capacity of your heat pump is alloted losses in air ducts located in hot attics or in damp and moist crawl spaces.  Great duct systems have air leakage rates less than 4%.   If the best systems have leakage rates of 4% or less, have you had yours checked to see what the leakage rates are with with your duct system(s)?  Saving money from properly installed, efficient duct systems will save you money and improve comfort regardless of age or efficiency of your equipment.  Leaky duct systems are one of the highest contributors of contaminants to indoor air quality.  Having your ducts cleaned is a band-aid approach to a more significant problem.

So.. is a rather mundane and un-exciting subject like duct systems in Nashville TN important to you?  I say yes.  And if you understood more about duct systems, I know you would agree.

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