Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air PollutionIndoor Air Pollution is a Very Real Problem. Now, Aloha Has Multiple Solutions to Make The Problem Disappear.

It’s kind of ironic, but the better insulated your home, the more of a breeding ground it becomes for indoor air pollutants.  That’s because air is brought in from the outside from your home comfort systems, the opening and closing of doors, and so on.  But, because of air-tight insulation now commonplace in many homes, the stale, polluted air has nowhere to go…except inside your lungs.

Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants.

According to The Learning Channel, these are the top indoor air pollutants found in homes like yours:

  1. Radon
  2. Environmental Tobacco Smoke
  3. Biological Contaminatessuch as pollen, dander, bacteria, and mold.
  4. Household Productssuch as paints and cleaners
  5. Formaldehydefound in cigarette tobacco, furniture, cabinets, building materials,
    glues, adhesives, and more.
  6. Pesticides
  7. Asbestos
  8. Lead
  9. Rugs & Carpets

The Negative Effects of Indoor Air Pollution.

Here are some eye-opening facts to illustrate just how serious the problems can be, even in homes meticulously and frequently cleaned:

  • According to the American College of Allergies, 50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air.
  • As a result, natural air-cleansing agents such as ozone and negative ions are kept out, while contaminants are kept in.
  • According to Scientific America, a baby crawling on the floor inhales the equivalent of 4 cigarettes a day as a result of the out-gassing of carpets, molds, mildews, fungi, dust mites, etc.
  • Most people spend well over 90% of their time indoors. In which case, indoor air is going to impact their health far more than outdoor air.

Aloha Offers Several Ways to Clean your Indoor Air…And Keep it That Way.

Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps

UV Lamps zap the mold and bacteria that can sometimes grow in the moist environment of your air conditioning or indoor coils.

Air Filtration System

Central air filtration systems offer a number of advantages. They are out of sight (integrated into your home heating system, usually by the furnace), very convenient (you’ll never trip over one), and they are quiet during operation.

A central air filtration system filters the air as it cycles through the air ducts into the furnace. Over time, all the air in the house will pass through the system, and it will be cleaned and filtered each time it passes.

HEPA Filters

A true HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is also known as an absolute air filter because of its high efficiency. True HEPA filters operate with a minimum efficiency of 99.97 percent, and it doesn’t get any more thorough than that.

MERV Filters

MERV filters offer you hospital quality air filtration. MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) is a number from 1 to 16 that is relative to an air filter’s efficiency. The higher the MERV, the more efficient the air filter is at removing particles.

At the lower end of the efficiency spectrum, a fiberglass panel filter may have a MERV of 4 or 5. At the higher end, a MERV 14 filter is typically the filter of choice for hospital care units to prevent the transfer of bacteria and infectious diseases. That’s because high end MERV filters can remove even extremely small contaminants (particles as small as 1/300 the diameter of a human hair).

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Too much humidity is a bad thing, right?  After all, it creates and promotes an environment where bacteria, mold, various fungi and dust mites not only grow, but flourish!

On the other hand, dry air causes its own fair share of problems.  In fact, excessively dry indoor air can make you more vulnerable to harmful viruses and respiratory ailments.

So what’s the answer?  A whole-house, combined humidification and dehumidification system where you can control and maintain the proper levels of relative humidity and promote an atmosphere of cleaner indoor air.

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