System Enhancements

system-enhancements-300x199HVAC Accessories and Enhancements.  Get More Value Out Of Your Heating or Cooling System with Air Filtration, Multiple Zones, and More

Aloha offers several heating and cooling system HVAC accessories for greater comfort and increased energy savings.

These include:

  • Multiple zones so you heat and cool only the parts of your home in use.
  • Programmable thermostats so you’re not wasting energy when no one’s at home, and yet to make sure conditions are “just right” by the time you walk through your door.
  • Humidification and de-humidification systems…another great way to feel more comfortable and reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  • Variable speed control to help maintain temperature and humidity levels right where you like them.
  • Whole-house air filtration systems to remove up to 99% of all indoor air pollutants for easier and healthier breathing.

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